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Andy Olive

Precision Faceting

April 6-10th, 2021

Andy Olive is not only a long time friend to all of us at our shop, but one of our cities finest metalsmiths and is on his way to becoming one of the finest gem cutters as well. 

He has been cutting rocks since he was 15 but just a few years ago he was able to pursue a childhood dream-to facet fine gem material.  The precision he has brought to his metalwork for over four decades is illustrated in his gem faceting through his symmetry, polish and mineral choices in every gem he cuts. His unique perspective as both metalsmith and a gem cutter gives him the frame of reference to cut stones that are not only beautiful but also have proportions that make them easy to set. You wont see thin girdles, lopsided facets or the poor polish that is so common in factory cut gems. 

Andy's collection

will be available to view by

45 minute private appointment only,

from April 6-10th.

 Appointment availability is limited,

please email

to reserve a time.

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