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Design the jewelry with Soren thumbnail.
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Pick a gemstone

Your custom journey begins with an amazing gemstone. Bring in your own or let us find one for you.

Gems captivate and inspire like no other thing on the planet. Whether you attend one of our Gemstone Roundtables to find your stone or you have your own, the beginning of every custom journey starts with an amazing gem.

T and Mary searching for the perfect stone for her new custom piece

Pick a gemstone
t and mary-1.jpg
Design the jewelry with Soren.jpg

Collaborate with a designer


Your custom experience continues as you collaborate with one of our accomplished designers.


With 65 years of combined experience, our design team rocks custom work. New custom designs always begin with a sketch! Be inspired by our deep portfolio or bring in ideas from your mind’s eye.

Soren and Mary collaborate on the design of her new ring

Collaborate with a designer
Approve the design with T.jpg

Approve your 3D model

Your custom jewelry design comes alive as we translate it from a sketch to a 3D model.

We render your custom design and give you a glimpse of your future heirloom. We use a combination of CAD software and hand wax carving to produce a model for you to view and approve.

At the CAD bench, T and Mary do a few final tweaks on the design before manufacturing starts.

Alice creates the jewelry with love.jpg

Wear your new masterpiece

Your custom concept becomes reality in the hands of our skilled jewelers.

Because every piece of jewelry is created in our NE Mpls shop, we can snap pictures as your custom jewelry is made to share all the different steps involved in crafting your masterpiece.

Doing much of their work under scopes, Alice and Soren are two of the best jewelers in town.

Approve your 3D model
Wear your new masterpiece
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