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Dennis Dahl

August 3-7, 2021

An opal is unlike any other Earthly thing. Historically prized across all borders of the globe, opal's flashes of reds, oranges, blues and green. Like lightening in the palm of your hand, opal's fireworks are some of nature's most hypnotic secrets.

Opal can be found around the world in an assortment of types. Black opal from Australia has long been a prized treasure, . Boulder opal also hails from Australia where it is cut to feature its veneer-like relationship with its host rock. White and crystal opals from Brazil, the United States, Ethiopia, and Australia feature flashy body colors that illuminate with mixed levels of transparency. Mexico gives us fire opal, a smoldering rendition of the gem with red, orange, and yellow body colors.

The Opal Man
Dennis Dahl Opals
The Opal Man Dennis Dahl
Dennis Dahl

Dennis's collection

will be available to view by

45 minute private appointment only,

from August 3-7.

 Appointment availability is limited,

please email

to reserve a time.

Nearly every opal Ive ever bought has come from the collection of Dennis Dahl. I met Dennis nearly 30 years ago and one of the first things that stuck with me was his comment that we don't own these rocks, they are property of the planet and something greater than us but they are ours to enjoy. He is the rare renaissance gem artist-he travels to mine sites in Australia to buy most of his rough material, and then returns to the states to cut it and then travels the US bringing it to his clients. Going through his collection is like Christmas morning.

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