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Darryl and Nick Alexander

February 2-6th, 2021

Award winning father and son team, Darryl and Nick Alexander are an impressive powerhouse duo of the best that modern gemstone faceting and carving can offer. Father Darryl has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years and with multiple AGTA cutting awards (think 'Oscar' of the gem world), his son Nick was exposed to minerals from his beginnings. Nick began gem cutting very young and at the age of 14, had his first booth at the Tucson Gem Show...only the largest gem show on earth!  At just 19 years old, Nick's work already shows a maturity of someone with many decades of experience. Father and son share the signature traits of excellent polish and a precise finish, but they also have two have very different styles.  To have the opportunity to see collections of both of these talented artists at the same time is genuinely a rare thrill to any gem lover. 

carved sunstone

Darryl and Nick's collections

will be available to view by

45 minute private appointment only,

from February 2-6.

 Appointment availability is limited,

please email

to reserve a time.

carved ametrine darryl alexander
carved sunstone nick alexander
Concave faceting and carving
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