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Penny Nisenbaum G.G.

January 5-9th, 2021

Penny is a graduate gemologist who has been in the gem industry since 1982. She specializes in pearls and unique and unusual gem materials and has an amazing eye for color. She works with a variety of American lapidaries and importers and also travels all over the world to purchase rare and diverse varieties of gemstones and pearls, all handpicked to guarantee the highest of quality.  Penny has come to Minneapolis to do our Gemstone Roundtable events with T Lee Custom for many years and her shows are always a popular favorite with our clients. Its not only her deep medley of gems with unique cuts that have earned her a following but also her broad price range. You can count on her to have the perfect stone at the perfect price with a collection so deep, its hard to choose which is your hearts desire.

abstract handcarved onyx
drusy idocrase set

Penny's collection

will be available to view by

45 minute private appointment only,

from January 5th-9th.

 Appointment availability is limited,

please email

to reserve a time.

Metallic Ming Pearl Strands
Drusy Idocrase Set
Cabs, Slabs and Fancy Pearls
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