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Richard Homer

May 4-8th, 2021

When I first saw Richards gem artistry nearly 20 years ago, I fell in love with concave faceting. This technique, which he was a founder of, makes all gem materials whether common materials like citrine or more rare like sapphire, burst with such radiance that they take your breath away. His gem designs are at the same time both geometric and free-flowing. The hallmark of his work is remarkable brilliance.

The creativity in his gem design often require him to develop new cutting techniques which in turn require specialized tools that he makes to suit his needs. Being both an artist and technition is what keeps him on the cutting edge of lapidary art. 

Richards collections

will be available to view by

45 minute private appointment only,

from May 4-8th.

 Appointment availability is limited,

please email

to reserve a time.

spessartite garnet richard homer
rubellite tourmaline richard homer
aquamarine richard homer
sapphire richard homer
rose quartz richard homer
blue zircon richard homer
blue topaz richard homer
peridot richard homer
oro verde citrine richard homer
amethyst richard homer
rootbeer zircon richard homer

We aren't the only ones who know true mastery when we see it...Richard has won 15 AGTA Cutting Edge Awards, has many stones in the Smithsonian collection and also has cut one of the worlds largest gemstones; the 20,769 ct Adiel Topaz. I guarantee his collection will speak to your soul.

Concave Faceting
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