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Collection IV- The Great Pretenders

Powerless. As women, many of us have felt this way at some time, in some part of our lives. Possibly not all 6 of the women in this years Extraordinary Women Collection:The Great Pretenders felt powerless because of their gender, but they did all choose to pose as men. Their reasons vary as much as the passions they pursued but the common thread they share is clear. Being thought to be a man moved them further toward their goals. 

Our world is a rapidly changing place and I am confident that the gender boundaries that have held women back in the past, will no longer impair us from chasing our dreams, using our talents and flexing our power.   

The Warrior, The Surgeon,The Monk,

The Journalist,The Musician and The Athlete

Over the next 12 months we will release each of the six collections as they are designed and crafted in our Minneapolis studio. All the designer jewelry in each Extraordinary Women Collection are limited edition. Call for availability.

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