Woman of Freedom - Malala Yousafzai

I am free to be Authentic and free to be Educated. I am free to be Truthful, Outspoken, Courageous and Equal. I am free to be a Discoverer of New Things and a Leader of People. My Extraordinary Women Series began in 2016 with Women of the Goldrush. I was totally captivated by the amazing lives of the 6 women I chose to research and telling their moving life stories through the jewelry collection I designed for them was fluid and natural. Fast forward to 2017, a year that the topic of Freedom became poignantly important with a historic American election. It was time to find the women of the next series; Women of Freedom. As I started the hunt for 6 distinguished women that embodied my idea of

Flux and Flame

The flame of the torch turns green during soldering because the flux used to prevent oxidation allowing the solder to flow burns off. Using just the right amount of flux and flame ensures a solid bond meaning your jewelry will withstand the test of time.

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