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35 Years of T Tales

Without intentionally trying, I’ve been collecting stories for 35 years. I never went looking for them, they just seemed to unfold around me and all it took was for me to notice.

Some of the tales were subtle and ongoing; like watching the children of my long-time clients grow up and, before my eyes, become adults themselves. The gravity of how time passes would come into crystal clear focus when I was blessed with the opportunity to sit with those same children and design their own wedding jewelry as adults. More than once, that has brought me to tears. Being involved in such personal, intimate rituals such as marriage has really been my honor.

Other stories are much more conspicuous and direct. Over the course of 35 years and 100’s of events (each with a new mix of people and circumstances) the stories unfurl and we have gathered some memorable ones.

Like Sue’s story from 2012 when we were moving from University to First Ave and had a big Halloween Sale. Two of our very best clients had been eyeing the same ring in the days before the sale began, and both had sent their husbands in on the morning of the sale to pick it up. They showed up at the EXACT same time and.......

Or hear Diane reminisce about the craft fair weekend that was so dangerously hot that we used unconventional methods to stay cool, and ended up on the front page of the Tribune.......

Or hear Alice’s anecdote describing what she heard a client say when they saw our new ‘elevated’ workshop. They spontaneously compared us to a ..........

You can hear the rest of these stories and some pictures to convey the spirit of each tale at our 35th Anniversary Party December 1st as you browse through our ‘T Tales’ exhibit and listen on your cell phone, to snippets of the ‘T Tale’.

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