Yearning to Breathe Free

Emma Lazarus is one of 6 women whose extraordinary life stories I tell through what I know, jewelry design. My 2018 collection in the Extraordinary Women Series : Women of Freedom, illustrates their contributions to FREEDOM. Celebrated or controversial, these women made enough noise to be heard. Read Emma’s story here. As the daughter of an immigrant, poet Emma Lazarus knew what Lady Liberty would say to those who felt their children were safer in a boat on the ocean than on the soil of their birthplace. Lazarus spoke for those fleeing oppression and lack of opportunity, those who sought a better quality of life for themselves and their families. “Give me...your huddled masses yearning to br

A Birthday Gift Fit for A Queen

Lucky June Birthdays! Its only one of two months that has THREE birthstones associated with it. If you were born in the 6th month of the year, you get to choose from Alexandrite, Moonstone or Pearl. And....I see no reason why you should not have all three! I’ve been pre-occupied with pearls, I dreamt I found one in my cereal and the next day my strand broke during breakfast. Weird but true-even jewelers break pearl strands sometimes! irritant gets into the oyster and it turns it into a thing of beauty. If we could remember this when our busy distracted lives turn on us....when we’ve been charging our cell phone for an hour and realize its not plugged in. The hour of uninterrupt

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