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Shelter Hero - An Undoing

Many hearts around the world are broken. We are exhausted, disappointed and just DONE with this whole UNDOING of our lives. We’ve watched our complex arrangements of work and pleasure dissolve around us and have been forced by nature, to recognize the seasonality of our lives. “I didnt spend 36 years building my business to be shut down by a ‘bug’” was my pout. Insert stomping foot and fist on table.

But this FULLSTOP is an opportunity to reimagine ourselves. What if.....

Im taking an online seminar with my favorite poet David Whyte. He spoke of the vulnerability of going where we would rather not go, to put ourselves ‘Just Beyond Yourself’ is to be restored by what you will meet there. Thats how you know its the road you have to follow, thats how you know its where you have to go. To get brought back to the apprentice within brings us to a new liberation, a renewed opportunity for compassion. Read his poem ‘Just Beyond Yourself’ and see if it moves you as it did me.

To be UNDONE creates movement, and movement creates HEROES. This weeks Shelter Hero is Dr. Sharon Beth Larson. She is a heart surgeon that spends her long days taking care of the sickest of the sick, providing life-saving therapy to patients with COVID-19 when aggressive ventilation and medical strategies have not been enough. Her achievements and awards are many pages long but at the very top of the list should be Shelter Hero. She inspires me to move, to do something, to go ‘Just Beyond’ my comfort zone, beyond myself and let be undone.

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