For The Love of Gems!

Our gem events have been one of the most longstanding and anticipated events we have at the shop. I want to tell you just a bit about my two favorites and tempt you to join us at one or both!! Every three months, we host a Gemstone Roundtable that highlights the work of one special gem artist as they show off what they do. This artist will bring over 150 stones and for two nights in a row, we drool over them. We invite up to 15 of our gem lovin’ clients to join us as we play with the gems, see the unique faceting, learn about their qualities and characteristics as we are sometimes moved to tears by their rare beauty. And if you are moved to the point that you can't imagine living without tha

Misogyny Is Not A Birthright

LOST FAME-to not be recognized for ones accomplishments A woman’s fame is lost so often that its become a ‘thing’ or a syndrome that has a name, its called The Matilda Effect. More on that later.... I won’t name names but one of my ex’s used to call getting bested by a woman “Getting Girled”. The first time I heard him use the phrase was when his young son told him a girl on the high school ski team had skied a race faster than he did. “Oh man, you got GIRLED!” They laughed, I winced. I've been an athlete my whole life and most of the sports I do, I do side by side with my male friends. It's true that many of those men friends are larger, heavier and stronger than I am. Sometimes those physi

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