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Hang on! Here we go!

The build-out is about to begin with the key to the new space in our hands as of August 1st. As all the many months of planning is about to unfold, I’ve been getting last-minute jitters. With so

many details and decisions, how do I know for certain that I’ve made the right decisions?

The layout. The colors. The displays. All designed with such intent. But while all these elements are still on paper, it still feels ethereal and ungrounded. Now is not the time to lose my confidence by being overly critical or doubting myself but there is always the urge to say “what if?” when a new idea pops into my head.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a curiosity to create. As a kid I spent an entire summer braiding bracelets out of grass, perfecting the technique and then exploring variations. I made music sticks and a clothing collection for my trolls. Ironically though, I didn’t play with the toys I made. When it was finished, I was done with it. The thrill was gone.

As a jewelry designer, I’ve never been afraid to make mistakes and felt the more creative options I could think up, the better my final piece would be. Maybe this is why I became a custom design specialist. With every new custom project, I gather all the ideas my client and I can come up with and then start the exciting process of sorting the good ideas from the bad.

Select. Reject. Connect. Transform. Scale. And, make order of chaos.

Participating in the process of turning apparent randomness to order is why I make things. Oh, it’s so fun I could do it all day!

Which brings me back to my last-minute jitters about the move. Just like an untamed river does not run in a predictable path, the creative forces that move me to try new ideas seem just as devoid of logic. I think the only decision left to make is to stop making new decisions and have faith in my vision for the new space and allow it to unfold.

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