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The Ethical Bench | Growing the Green Jewelry Movement

I recently sat in on a webinar with Christine Dhein from Revere Academy on green bench practices. She has long been recognized as the go-to person regarding ethical and responsible practices in the jewelry studio.

The six-hour seminar was a wealth of amazing info that I will share over the next few months in my newsletter and blog. For starters, she encouraged us to consider every step of the process — from sourcing materials that are extracted in a responsible way to choosing suppliers that have a traceable, transparent supply chain that we can trust.

She taught us about organizations that support fair trade policies and third-party certification standards that make the suppliers accountable for the methods they use to bring precious metals and gems from mine to market. She also shared links to many articles on ethical jewelry making practices that I will share over the next months as well. But much of what she shared, about what a responsible jewelry studio should practice, we are already doing. It was great affirmation.

What I am most excited about is the collaboration between jewelry industry professionals that want to share their passion for sustainability. To foster the academic research partnerships between suppliers to retailers to consumers and educate and inform. It’s an exciting time and I have so much to share with you!

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